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Single Mom Systems

SYSTEMS! What are SYSTEMS? And what in the world are SINGLE MOM SYSTEMS?

I was sitting and thinking and realized that one of the key components to my SUCCESS over the years as a SINGLE MOM is the SYSTEMS that I created, adopted and integrated into my life.

So, a SYSTEM is simply 'an organized or established procedure'.

I guess my SYSTEM allowed me to get organized and establish procedures in my life that enabled me to accomplish and achieve my goals, thereby, achieving SUCCESS!

What are some of the SYSTEMS I used?

I had to establish systems for:

  • My Personal Life

  • My Family Life

  • My Children's Life (ok - this was the biggee: I will spend a lot of time blogging about this one, because at every age and stage of their life - I had to implement a NEW SYSTEM).

  • My Spiritual Life

  • My Emotional Life

  • My Relational Life

  • My Work Life

  • My VILLAGE System

  • My FINANCIAL Life and so on....

Whew....I did not realize I had so much in my life that required a SYSTEM!!! And I'm sure there were many more I had to integrate into my life, because as a SINGLE MOM you don't typically process that you are working a SYSTEM - we just DO whatever needs to be done!

So, I will be blogging over the next few months about SYSTEMS for SUCCESSFUL SINGLE MOMS!!!

Be thinking about ALL the things you have to do to get organized and established - I'm sure you already have some SYSTEMS in place!!!

SYSTEMS will help you to get organized and established!

The Single Mom Chronicles Scripture

Read Proverbs 31 with the following thoughts:

Okay, so Proverbs 31 is where we are coming from as we deal with establishing SYSTEMS. Now, don't let this scripture overwhelm you. Proverbs 31 is designed to give hope and create a positive challenge to any modern day Christian Woman. This woman appeared to have done so much most wonder if it was a reference to more than one woman. This woman seemed so polished that most of us today might feel intimidated by her.

I believe that she is a portrait of what a Godly woman should aspire to be. So, it provides to us a measure and standard of how to establish ourselves as successful women. In my opinion, she is a GREAT example of someone who created and modeled systems for us to follow.

Okay, I am aware that the Proverbs starts out referencing a woman who is married, stating that an excellent wife is difficult to find, but when she is found, “she is far more precious than jewels,” (v. 10). So, if you want to be married, you should be this kind of woman who is doing these things already.

  • She spent her days doing good unto others, starting with her husband (v.11-12).

  • She was a woman of character who could be trusted (v.11).

  • She was busy with her hands and her mind and was structured in her time management (v. 13-15).

  • She invested wisely and didn't spend unnecessarily. Because she was wise with money, she owned her own property, a vineyard (v. 16), and she was smart and savvy in business (v.24).

  • She is a strong woman (v.17) who is a strategist - always planning for the future (v.18, 21).

  • Because of her hard work and preparation for her family, she planned for potential emergencies or hardship as be taken by surprise and left destitute (v.25).

  • Her wisdom and kindness was given to everyone, not just her family, but also those who were in need (v. 20). So, she was community minded. Not just selfishly consumer with her needs or just the needs of her household. So was concerned about the needs of all people globally.

  • This busy proverbs woman was not able to accomplish these things merely because of talent, but because of her faith and woman’s character, her hard work and her actions.

  • A woman who, was disciplined enough to “opens her mouth with wisdom” and kindness (v. 26).

  • Even in business she knew how to handle herself, not mean spirited or cut-throat in business.

  • Overall, she had a beautiful sprit that knew the importance of putting others first, including her family and her husband (v.27).

  • Because she was diligent in her responsibilities and actions It behind-the-scenes, her husband could have a prominent position in the city and be influential (v.23).

  • Had she not taken care of her responsibilities, her family and household would have been a mess.

  • Her family knew the value of what she did and they praised her for her work (v.28-29). Yet it was not simply the praise of her family that was her reward for her labors—those labors spoke alone in front of God and man (v.31).

  • Too many women spend their days trying to preserve beauty (focusing on the external, which only fades, (v.30). However, this woman’s inner source of beauty— was that she feared the Lord (v.30). She honored and rejoiced in the Lord. And her fear and honor of the Lord was the source of her strength. And in the strength of the Lord, she established her SYSTEMS!

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