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During the darkest hour of my life, I came to the absolute understanding that people, money and things would never provide me the ability to get through the darkness or to be sustained while going through a storm.  The reality is that worldly possessions really don’t matter when your life is in turmoil, crisis or at risk.


In fact, I discovered what truly mattered more than anything was my ability to trust….not people or things, but to truly and authentically TRUST God.


I could not see the God that I placed my hopes in, but I knew that it was Him giving me the life line I needed to make it through each pressure filled day. I believed in my heart that regardless of my emotional condition or state of mind that He would still breathe life into me – irrespective as to whether I wanted to live or not.  It was HIM that gave me the strength and courage to face each new day.


What I came to realize was that regardless of my situation, I was being SUSTAINED!



Dr. Renee -
Single Mom, Pastor, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

I love LIFE!

The Life EmPOWERment


Your LIFE Direction: 
Find Your Way
 Change Your World
 Reach Your Greatest Potential
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