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Who am I


I am a Successful Single Mom, but also an overcomer, an influencer, a strategist, a pastor, a speaker, an author, a life designer (life and crisis Coach) and a Domestic Violence advocate.


Why I do this


I have experienced life and truly understand the demands and pressures of the 21st Century life.

I have lived and overcome many challenges and trials that would have taken most out.  My testimony and life-changing methods used to guide and provide direction will point you to how to live a life of victory! I believe that God’s Word is the sustaining source that when applied empowers anyone to live a powerful life full of hope and purpose!  My heart is to empower lives, heal hearts and push you to reach your potential!


What I can do for you


It is my personal passion to help people GET BACK TO LIFE living the full Life they are entitled to; so, consequently, I challenge and inspire people everywhere to maximize their potential and realize their God-appointed destiny.  I motivate average people to become extraordinary people of distinction and worth.  Don’t wait – you LIFE is waiting on you! Find your LIFE Direction: Find Your Way – Change Your World – Reach Your Greatest Potential!

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Dr. Renee -
Single Mom, Pastor, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

I love LIFE!

The Life EmPOWERment


Your LIFE Direction: 
Find Your Way
 Change Your World
 Reach Your Greatest Potential
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